In one of my sermons last year entitled “Focus and Discipline”, I brought up the importance of having both focus and discipline.  Focus and discipline must go “hand in hand” and one cannot do without the other.  During the sermon I explained the relationship between Focus and Discipline clearly: Having discipline without focus is aimlessness, while having focus without discipline is uselessness”. Paul reminded us that we cannot be aimless in our spiritual journey and at the same time achieving our aim will require certain disciplines (1 Cor 9:26-27)

The 2016 theme of AAA (Awakening, Alignment, and Assignment) has provided us with clarity and Focus. It is through AAA that we are awakened to our Identity in Christ, aligned as disciples of Christ, and finally assigned for a specific purpose and plan for His glory.

But Focus alone is not enough in our spiritual journey. While we might be clear of God’s assignment for us, we might not have the spiritual character, fortitude, or to be more precise, the spiritual maturity to achieve God’s specific calling in our lives, be it in the marketplace, in our families, or for a specific mission field.

Thus lies the essence of our theme for the first half of the year: “towards Spiritual Maturity”.  It is a theme that is building on last year’s emphasis on focus and move on towards the need for discipline.  The whole concept emphasizes on our need to grow towards spiritual maturity through spiritual disciplines, where we put ourselves in a “posture” where God is able to convey His grace in our lives.

In short, the goal is Spiritual Maturity. The vehicle is Spiritual Disciplines.

It is our hope that through this series our members will be able to start (or continue) certain disciplines that are able to let them experience God in a new way. This in turn will prepare them for God’s calling in their lives. Similar to any other (physical) disciplines, the journey ahead might seem difficult and will require us to make certain adjustments, but I believe that if we are serious about God and if we journey together as a community, we will be able to experience the breakthrough that we so desire; a breakthrough that can only come from God.

– Rev Irman Halim


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