EAGLES = Empowerment As God Leads Each Step


Established since 2006, EAGLES is a casual fellowship group for young adults in Hakka Methodist Church.

This ministry was set up as a platform to meet and serve God and friends. Besides fellowship and fun, EAGLES is a place to practice and learn your gifts and skills from trial and error. An opportunity for young adults to initiate projects and events, and learn from mistakes. In all, EAGLES is a ministry to prepare and strengthen young adults to become adult leaders and workers for God through the fellowship of love and mutual support.

As planned by the committee, the focus for EAGLES 2015 is to be:

  • More Evangelistic
  • More involved in social concerns
  • More integrated with the church’s activities and vision

From our focus of the year, EAGLES have planned out more events that will allow us to invite friends and care for the less fortunate.


We normally meet on the first Saturday of every month. These are the events planned out for the rest of the year.

1-May Movie Screening We will be watching Big Hero 6 and Guardians of the Galaxy.
6-Jun Amazing Race A fun race around town.
4-Jul Tea Party Inviting older adults to share about their lives with young adults over a tea party
1-Aug (tbc) Visit Old folks home Young Adults will visit an old folks home
5-Sep Toy collection A program under Social Concerns Committee to collect and clean old toys for the less fortunate.
3-Oct Evangelistic Event A fun event to invite friends.
7-Nov Thanksgiving A time for young adults to reflect on the year and give thanks to God.
5-Dec Christmas event A time to do something festive and give back to the community
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